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Since singing is so good a thing.....

At 7.30pm most Mondays we meet at the Lutterworth Methodist Church All singers welcome!

Lutterworth Choral Society Committee

The choir is managed by a committee which meets on a regular basis. An Annual General Meeting is held at the beginning of the season in September.

Lutterworth and District Choral Society is a registered charity number 1048089.

“Since singing is so good a thing I wish all men would learn to sing.”

a couplet from composer William Byrd

Committee Members

Take a look at our friendly committee, helping to keep Lutterworth Choral Society in full swing..

Lorna Osborne


Candy Smith

Hon Treasurer

June Thompson

Committee Member

Karen Wilson-de Roze

Hon Secretary

Jane Cottrell

Hon Librarian

David Mitchell

David Mitchell

Committee Member

Cynthia Rogers

Committee Member

Notes From The Chair:

Beginning my twelfth year in the chair of the LDCS, it is exciting to look back on the acceleration of pace, activity and achievement that this enthusiastic group of singers has achieved. At the same time it is both a serious responsibility and a privilege to be in the chair of a choir that has been a local fixture for over a hundred years and still is enthusiastic about the development of its future.

But still nothing is more vital than that our choral members love to sing, and enjoy their Monday evening rehearsals as we socialise, learn new works, and prepare for performances throughout the season.

Given the obvious fine strengths of the choir’s musical director and accompanist, I see the focus of my role as being one of invigoration & enabling, creating opportunities for growth in local music making within a relaxed & welcoming environment.

Raising the choir’s profile in Leicestershire – for both singers and audiences – is always a priority. Increasing our membership is an aim, and there is always a great welcome given to new voices. All of this recognises & reinforces the importance of music to our individual and community wellbeing.

New Zealand To Leicestershire..

By the time of our performance of Handel’s Samson on 12 May 2010, membership was at a high and that prompted the need for our own staging system.

Our staging has since been extended twice as the choir has continued to grow. Just look at our diary page to see the variety of performances the choir has been involved in, and add to that weddings, funerals and civic services.

On a personal note, after leaving New Zealand in my twenties – with some 15 years of choral experience behind me, and prefaced by a grandfather who was chairman of the Auckland Choral Society in the 1940s – singing almost slipped away as I changed career from teaching to fashion design in London’s swinging 60s, and then was frequently abroad as the UK garment industry moved offshore. But a job move to Leicester in 1991 and an advertisement for the choir in our local “Swift Flash” magazine brought me back into the musical fold & the back row of the altos. And I guess it was always going to happen that I couldn’t resist moving everyone into their very flattering new choir uniforms…

Lorna Osborne – Chair